Make Sure to Get Your $29 iPhone Battery Replacements Soon as Apple’s Discount Program is Set to End on December 31 – MacRumors

If you have an older iPhone with a less than optimal capacity, you only have until December 31 for the reduced price battery replacement.  Follow the directions in the link below to see how your devices’ battery is, and if necessary, make an appointment to get it replaced before the end of the year. Source: […]


Apple Has Permanently Banned Alex Jones’ Infowars App From The App Store

Apple’s App Store guidelines for developers forbid apps with “content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste.” Source: Apple Has Permanently Banned Alex Jones’ Infowars App From The App Store I feel it is wrong what Big Tech is doing to Alex Jones in trying to silence him and […]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm4Pks_1_hI Facebook, Google, Apple jump the shark in an unprecedented crackdown of political discourse Source: Patriots Rally Behind Infowars Amid Tech’s Total Communist Censorship This is definitely an attack on Alex Jones’ free speech and his business. It is very suspicious how all the big (social) media companies decided on the same day to remove […]

Apple Responds to Dash Controversy

One side or the other is lying here. And Apple is adamant that it’s not them. Source: Apple Responds to Dash Controversy The above link gives an update to what happened with the Dash API doc app which I wrote about here. I guess the moral of the story is if you want to help […]

Thinking about developing for iOS?

Do you have an app on the iOS App Store? Are you thinking about developing an app for iOS? A developer of widely used Mac and iOS apps recently had his Apple Developer account terminated after he tried to change from an individual to a company account.  You can read here his blog post where […]

Living with Apple Watch

I’ve had my Apple Watch for about 10 1/2 months and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed using it.  It is great for getting notifications from my iPhone so I don’t need to pull out my phone for social media, e-mail, sports, news or weather updates. But one of the features I didn’t think […]

Watch “MacHeads” Full Documentary Online Free | Snagfilms

An interesting look at the Mac “fan” community. MacHeads is a feature length documentary which explores the loyalty of Apple Fanatics and their obsession Source: Watch “MacHeads” Full Documentary Online Free | Snagfilms

Migrating to El Capitan? Back up your Mac for free with Get Backup Pro

If you have a computer, it’s a good idea to run the latest version of the operating system that it can support.  For Mac computers, the program is called OS X.  The newest version El Capitan will be released on Wednesday, September 30th. If you don’t have a program such as Super Duper or Carbon Copy […]

Apple – iPod touch

Source: Apple – iPod touch Nice update to the iPod touch line, though I would have liked to see the following: Bigger screen Touch ID fingerprint sensor Earpods with volume control GPS The iPod touch is a good alternative for those who want the iPhone minus the contracts.

How to turn off Apple Music’s automatic subscription renewal | iMore

Source: How to turn off Apple Music’s automatic subscription renewal | iMore If you install iOS 8.4 on your iDevice and don’t want Apple Music to automatically renew after your 3 month trial, be sure to follow these directions. You only need to do it on one iDevice.  It automatically updates the others.

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