Never Again Is Now Global Trailer | Childrens Health Defense

Source: Never Again Is Now Global Trailer | Childrens Health Defense

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Winston Churchill

This is an interesting 5 part documentary where Holocaust survivors, children of survivors and grandchildren — as well as German freedom fighters — express their shock at today’s fear-mongering and divisive dictates that are reminiscent of the prelude to the Holocaust.

I heard about this film through the Patriot Party Podcast where they played all five parts along with some commentary in between the episodes. You can watch the podcast episode with commentary here.

Here are the links to the individual parts and the full documentary from the Children’s Health Defense site.

Part 1 – Here We Go Again On Steroids

Part 2 – Anyone Who Wants To Start A War Has to Lie

Part 3 – Breaking The Veil Of The Real Conspirators

Part 4 – This Time Around We’re All Jews

Part 5 – Never Give In – Never Give Up

Full Documentary







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