Offense is a trap that keeps us from enjoying our own lives. Learn how to resist offense quickly and thoroughly with help from God’s Word!

Source: Do Not Take Offense – Part 1 – Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

Monday, October 22 – Tuesday, October 23
Don’t Take Offense
Offense is a trap that keeps us from enjoying our own lives. Monday, learn how to resist it with help from God’s Word. Tuesday, Joyce explains why opting not to forgive is one of the most dangerous things you can do.
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Wednesday, October 24
The Joy of Helping Others
God’s Word encourages us to share Christ and love people. Wednesday, Joyce welcomes Hand of Hope’s David L. Meyer to talk about ongoing ministry efforts around the world.
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Thursday, October 25 – Friday, October 26
Don’t Be Offended by the Truth
God’s Word is full of difficult teachings. Thursday, be encouraged to keep moving forward. Friday, discover the joy of embracing God’s Word, and what He’s waiting to do in your life.
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Everyday Answers
How do I stop those annoying, looping thoughts?
Each week on Everyday Answers, Joyce shares wisdom from God’s Word to help answer your questions about living your life in Christ. On this episode, Joyce shares how to stop the negative thought patterns and experience the joy God wants you to have.
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