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Source: 21 Websites to Learn How to Code for Free Online | Java67

There are a lot of great free resources to learn how to program and you don’t need expensive developer tools to learn either.  All you need is the time and the determination.

Another great site that didn’t make the list above is freeCodeCamp.

There are also many free apps you can download to your phone to learn how to program.  Some of my favorites are Enki, Mimo, Sololearn, and Grasshopper.

If you can browse the web you can code too.  Start out simple and work your way up.

If your just the least bit curious, give programming a try.  It’s a better hobby than just watching TV.

If you get stuck, there are a lot of great sites that are willing to help you out like Stack Overflow. Also, you don’t need to worry about remembering stuff, you will eventually remember what you use enough and you can always search on Google.

I’ve been programming professionally as a mainframe Cobol programmer for over 26 years and I do enjoy it.  Like every job, it has its good times and bad.  There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you have an “Aha!” moment and solve a problem you’ve been working on or can help a fellow programmer solve their problem.


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