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A personal blog is a great way to tell the world what only you can say.  Your thoughts might be similar to someone else’s thoughts, but only you can say them like you can. “Today you ar…

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Some great tips on starting a blog.

I started this blog 3 years ago tomorrow (February 13, 2015) because I wanted a place to share stuff other than strictly Facebook.

It took me some time to really get a focus on what I wanted to post on my blog, starting out with news stories that I had found interesting and eventually I decided my blog was a perfect way to share the devotions that I read and listen to every day.  I also post occasionally about technology and programming, but my main focus is devotions.

At the start of 2015, I made it a goal to start learning some web programming, and I wanted to have my own site where I could try things out.  I started looking for a good, reliable web hosting provider and settled on DreamHost.  I decided to have a TLD (Top Level Domain) of “.info” because at the time it was one of the cheaper TLDs.  I also liked that DreamHost was very much for free speech.

I then decided I also wanted to have a blog and I knew that WordPress was easy to use and extendable platform and so installed it on my site.  DreamHost offers many “1-click” installs and they make it very easy to get your site up and running.  I’m not much of a designer and so I settled on one of the default themes in WordPress and have customized it with various widgets.  One thing to be aware of though is that each widget you add also slows down the loading of your pages.

Also, when I first started my site, it was on a shared server, which was fine when I just had a few hundred posts, but as my blog grew it consumed more RAM and so eventually I had my domain moved to a VPS (virtual private server) which allowed my site to basically seem like it was on its own server.  This has helped my site immensely.

The WordPress plugins I use are primarily for spam, security, backing up my site and optimizing it.  I also use Jetpack so that whenever I post to my blog it will publish links to my various social media.

I find blogging fun and a good way to help spread God’s Word to the nations, as well as sharing what I think other people will enjoy reading. I am still learning as I continue posting, but that really is the best way to learn: making mistakes and also trying new things.  I observed what other bloggers did on their sites and modeled mine based on what I saw.


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I'm a computer geek who likes to share God's Word with the world.

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