How a Blind Developer uses Visual Studio – YouTube

This is an excellent advancement for totally blind programmers.  I suppose one does get accustomed to the speed of the speech after a while.

I know where I went for training in Cobol programming, in the early 1990s, was a  blind person in the class after me that used a screen reader but I didn’t keep in touch with him to see how it worked out.  The program was very intense and was to train people with disabilities as Cobol programmer with a 9-month course followed by a 3-month internship.  Some of the students had to drop out because it was too much for them.  The training was taught by a professor from Milwaukee Area Technical College and had feedback and guidance from some local companies.

I am blessed that though legally blind, I do not need any adaptive equipment or software to do my job as a mainframe programmer.  I merely sit closer to the screen and adjust the font size or use a magnifier app.

My mom was so surprised when I told her that I wanted to be a programmer.  But I’ve been a mainframe programmer for over 25 years and using computers since I was in the seventh grade.





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