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Thank God the Bible didn’t end on Good Friday. Can you just imagine what the first Christians went through? Their hopes for a Messiah were nailed to that awe-full, ugly tree.

I can’t help but be full of sorrow and sadness after leaving church tonight, seeing the now ugly cross with all our nails in it.

But I am also filled with awe in the love which was also displayed on that cross. God loved Man, the crown of His Creation, that He sent His Own Son Jesus to live the sinless, perfect life that we never could.

It is no wonder that Jesus was in such anguish and trouble that He sweat blood while praying in Gethsemane.  He knew what pain was ahead of Him.  Not just the physical – whipping, scourging, carrying His cross, being nailed to that cross.  But also, the emotional pain – seeing his “friends” flee from Him, deny knowing Him, betraying Him.  Being True God He had this foreknowledge before it happened and being True Man He also felt the pain and emotions of a man.

Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice which God demanded to pay the price for all the sins which Mankind has committed from the Fall in the Garden of Eden until the Second Coming.  In the Old Testament God demanded the blood of a pure, spotless lamb or goat.  But Jesus was that perfect sacrifice!  He committed no sin EVER.  He obeyed God perfectly.

Without the sorrow, grief, and sadness of Good Friday, the victory and joyousness of Easter Sunday would not be so sweet.  And Jesus victory is also our victory.  Though we do taste death in this world, we will be resurrected just like Jesus was – unless He comes before we die.

When Jesus does return this old order of things will be destroyed and there will be a new Heaven and new Earth, and we will have new glorious, perfect bodies.

While we are here, let’s strive to live for Him and to His Glory and ask for His guidance.  But then we also need to accept His guidance and correction when we stray.  Put our trust in Him and His plan for us.

Have a blessed Easter.






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