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Source: Apple celebrates #10YearsOfPodcasts on iTunes | iMore

If you aren’t familiar with what a podcast is, here is the definition from

a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer:

They are a great way to stay informed and entertained and are on a variety of topics from arts, entertainment, news, politics, music, movies, books, technology and everything in between.

To listen to podcasts all you need is a computer, smart phone, tablet or MP3 player.
On your computer, you can use iTunes which is on both the Mac and PC. On your mobile device, there is also Pocket Casts which also has a web interface and has apps for IOS and Android.
I prefer Pocket Casts.  It will sync your place on multiple devices, so you can start listening on your iPad and when you go to your car start listening on your phone right where you left off.  On the Apple App Store and Google Play Store the Pocket Casts app is $3.99 and the web-based player is $9.
Here are a few of the many podcasts which I listen to or watch:
  • Tech News Today
  • MacWorld
  • Daily Tech News Show
  • This Morning With Gordon Deal
  • The Philcast on WHBY
  • WELS Daily Devotions
  • Joyce Meyer Radio program
  • Coding 101

It’s best to consume a podcast in an app because it will keep track of episodes you’ve watched/listened to.  Many apps allow you to change the playback speed and also to incrementally fast forward or rewind by a certain amount of time.  Also with an app, you can download the podcast to your device and listen/watch while on the go.

IOS devices come with a built-in Podcasts.  Android does not come with a podcast app built-in, but can be found by searching the Google Play Store.  It appears that Windows Phones also come with a built-in Podcasts app.

While you do “subscribe” to podcasts, most of them are free.  Some podcasts ask you to give or support their sponsors.  Some podcasts give you access to their archive of old shows or other incentives for donating.  Many podcasts are offered in different formats (audio only, low-bandwidth video, high-bandwidth video, etc.) depending on how you’d prefer to consume it.

So, if you haven’t tried podcasts before, check them out in iTunes.

Also, apps like Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio and others allow you to search podcasts.






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