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I am so blessed that God has been such an instrumental part in my life.

My birth family had the strength to give me up because when I was young I was sick quite a bit and they wanted a better life for me.

God guided me through the foster care system to a wonderful family who opened their hearts and their home to many special needs children.  These parents treated us foster children like their own and many got adopted.

They loved me so much that they decided to adopt me when they had the chance and I am so grateful that I could stay as part of their family.

But, that’s not all.  God planted a desire in my heart to find out who my birth family was and so, when I was an adult I successfully found my birth family and still keep in touch with them today.

Seeing how the events in my life have unfolded, really has strengthened my faith and trust in Him.  I know at times many bad things can happen in our lives and we ask “Why God?”  He might not answer us right away, but when we’ve grown and matured after a little while, looking back on those seemingly bad times, we see that God had a purpose for them to help us grow and mature.

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