Time of Grace – Get Over Yourself

June 9, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyThe teachers of the law knew Jesus spoke his scathing parable of the tenants against them. Yet instead of repenting, they looked for a way to kill Jesus. They cared more about their embarrassment than their relationship with God. How about you? Will you cling to your image? Or will Jesus […]


Time of Grace – What if I Don’t Agree With Jesus?

June 2, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyAuthority. Jesus’ enemies adored it. They refused to submit to Jesus’ teaching, even when caught in their own duplicity. They missed finding true life because they refused to die to having the last word. Modern Americans face the same dilemma. Will Jesus be the Lord who gets the last word? Or […]

Time of Grace – Friend Request: Friends Unlike Me

May 26, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyThe book of Proverbs might imply that hanging out with unbelievers is a bad idea, but the Bible is more nuanced than that. Rubbing shoulders with those who don’t know Jesus is the best way to share the hope that only the Savior can give. This message explores the way Christians […]

Time of Grace – Friend Request: Choose Friends Carefully

May 19, 2019.Pastor Mike Novotny.“Show me your friends, and I will show you your future.” That wisdom is repeated in the book of Proverbs. This message is God’s reminder to choose your friends carefully, since they have an incredible influence on your choices and future. Source: Time of Grace – Friend Request: Choose Friends Carefully

Time of Grace – Friend Request: Different Kinds of Friends

May 12, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyWhat does it mean to find a Christian friend? Is that the same as being part of the fellowship of a church? This message explores what it means to have friends who share your faith as well as the important distinction between the fellowship of Christians and the self-selected blessing called […]

Time of Grace – Friend Request: I’m God’s Friend

May 5, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyThe Bible speaks of God befriending people in the Bible, a term of incredible closeness and intimacy. How does that compare to the modern, social media-driven idea of a “friend request”? What would it mean for our lives if the Almighty God was actually our ever-present friend? Source: Time of Grace […]

Time of Grace – Finding Joy

April 28, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyLife in God’s family is not pain free. The apostle Peter is honest about suffering, grief, and “all kinds of trials.” But he also tells us God’s plan for our pain—to refine us and lead us to a greater desire to see God face-to-face. Source: Time of Grace – Finding Joy

Time of Grace – God’s Gift: Jesus Had to Rise

April 21, 2019Pastor Mark JeskeThe resurrection of the body of Jesus Christ guarantees the favor of God. It guarantees the forgiveness of all of your sins, something you could never do by yourself. And it guarantees that you will be raised too. Source: Time of Grace – God’s Gift: Jesus Had to Rise

Time of Grace – God’s Gift: Jesus Had to Die

April 14, 2019Pastor Mark JeskeThe Bible tells us the truth about ourselves—we aren’t good enough to approach God on our own. And it tells us the truth about God—he demands punishment for sin but loves us so much that he punished his Son in our place. Jesus had to die for our salvation. His blood […]

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