Time of Grace – The Power of Christ: For Individual Sinners

February 17, 2019Pastor Mark JeskeWe’re all sinners who’ve fallen short of what God expects of us. But the Bible foretold the coming of a Savior, and Jesus was the fulfillment of those prophecies. God sent his Son to save you, and your sins have been washed away. The power of the Holy Spirit works in […]


Time of Grace – The Power of Christ: For Racial Reconciliation

February 10, 2019Pastor Mark JeskeThe gospel of Christ has enormous power for racial reconciliation, and our world needs it! You’ve been drafted into God’s army to go out and tell all people about his love for them in Jesus. All people have worth and purpose in Christ. All are equal in God’s eyes, and you […]

Time of Grace – Some Assembly Required: Assembled with Love

February 3, 2019Pastor Mike Novotny.Paul’s famous words about love come not in the context of a wedding celebration but in the context of a church family who did not appreciate their God-given differences. This message pushes God’s diverse people toward humility, appreciation, and love–the glue that holds the body of Christ together. Source: Time of […]

Time of Grace – Some Assembly Required: Needy You

January 27, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyPaul saves the church from arrogance and division by reminding those with obvious gifts of how much they need the less noticeable parts. This message is meant to raise awareness and appreciation as well as save us from spiritual pride. Source: Time of Grace – Some Assembly Required: Needy You

Time of Grace – Some Assembly Required: You Belong

January 20, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyFeeling “less than” is one of the devil’s tricks. We notice what we can’t do, what’s uncomfortable, what’s out of our skill set. But Paul saves us from envy and discouragement by reminding us that God didn’t design every part of the body to do everything. Embrace your importance in his […]

Time of Grace – Some Assembly Required: United yet Unique

January 13, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyScripture and experience teach us that people are different. Like different parts of the body, God intentionally decided to make each of us different from everyone else. That truth has the potential to make us better or, if we ignore it, to make us frustrated at everyone who is not our […]

Time of Grace – Some Assembly Required: Unique but United

January 6, 2019Pastor Mike NovotnyWhat the church has in common is exponentially bigger than our differences. We have unity in Jesus—one Lord, one faith, one hope, one God. Therefore, before we talk about our uniqueness, we celebrate our unity in Jesus, no matter what our diverse wiring, quirks, or personalities. Source: Time of Grace – […]

Time of Grace – What’s Got to Change in Your Life?

December 30, 2018Pastor Mark JeskeKnowing you are saved means your life changes to a life of faith in which your beliefs are displayed in your actions as you live to serve and please God. Faith and deeds of love, compassion, mercy, and obedience to God are one and the same–they flow back and forth to […]

Time of Grace – Too Stressed to Feel Blessed: Mary

December 23, 2018Pastor Mark JeskeLike Mary holding her newborn baby in her arms, you too can be close to your Savior because he belongs to you and you belong to him. He has washed you clean and claimed you as his own. You are much too blessed to be stressed! Source: Time of Grace – […]

Time of Grace – Too Stressed to Feel Blessed: John the Baptist

December 16, 2018.Pastor Mark Jeske.John the Baptist had a powerful message that pointed people to the Savior. He taught repentance and changed lives because of faith. Though his ministry was cut short by his death, it reminds us that our focus in all things should be centered on Jesus. When we remember his love for […]

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