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  • Programming in a “foreign” language

    [Update] Added a paragraph about Dash API documentation browser app. When I say foreign language, I’m not talking Spanish, German, Chinese, etc. but a programming language that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis. My “native” programming language is Cobol (COmmon Business Oriented Language).  I’ve been programming in it my entire professional career of over […]

  • When your client demands Swift — Erica Sadun

    Erica makes some very good points. Swift looks like an awesome programming language, but it seems to be a “moving target”.  For example, getting rid of a basic function println which all of the introductory Swift texts taught . What Apple should have done is deprecated the features in Swift 1 that were removed in […]

  • Why can’t programmers program?

    Why can’t programmers program?. The logic for this is really very simple. I was able to do in both Swift and JavaScript, which I am learning, in hardly any time. Because of the variations in language structure, I couldn’t exactly use the “for(int i=0;” exactly, Here is my code in JavaScript: for (i = 0; […]