A Life of Endurance – FaithGateway

David Jeremiah advises that, just like with physical exercise, training spiritually for endurance is very different than strength training. God wants us to cultivate the virtue of “longsuffering” in our lives. That’s why God wants to infuse us with a “can- do” attitude, with supernatural endurance, perseverance, and resilience.  — David Jeremiah Source: A Life […]


In Step With God – FaithGateway

Terry Looper shares the basics of his four-step process of “slowing yourself to God’s pace” and getting in step with God’s will for your life. After you’ve prayerfully spent time in God’s presence, obtained His perspective based on all the information at hand, and broken free from your own agenda — you’re ready for His […]

Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits – FaithGateway

Author Tom Ziglar reminds us that we can choose to win — through the positive habits we create in place of the negative ones. Are you going to live your life and leave a legacy by design or by chance? — Tom Ziglar Source: Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits – FaithGateway

Fight Like a Man – FaithGateway

Craig Groeschel helps men discover they were created by God with a warrior’s heart to fight like a man. The virtue of strength is determined by how it’s used. — Craig Groeschel Source: Fight Like a Man – FaithGateway

A Strong Foundation – FaithGateway

Chip Gaines tells a personal story of how God used his failed dream of becoming a baseball player as the foundation for his life as an entrepreneur. Every ounce of energy you invest in pursuing your goals will help you grow toward God’s plan for you… even if you end up somewhere you hadn’t counted […]

How Playing Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump led to a Life of Service – FaithGateway

Gary Sinise recounts the impact his portrayal of Lieutenant Dan had on his own life, especially as he began to see what the character meant to veterans. What have I ever done? Here are all these wounded and disabled veterans— men and women who have sacrificed so much— honoring me for merely playing a part […]

We Are Transformed Daily as God Renews Our Minds – FaithGateway

Robert Morgan shares how the practice of meditation–particularly meditating on God’s word and promises–can improve our focus and decision-making. The process of repairing the mind isn’t a onetime event. It’s a process. — Robert J. Morgan Source: We Are Transformed Daily as God Renews Our Minds – FaithGateway

A Liar, a Lunatic, or the Son of God – FaithGateway

Reflect on this reading from C.S. Lewis’s classic work Mere Christianity where he challenges the concept of Jesus being merely a great human teacher. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon, or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and […]

Integrity – FaithGateway

Stephen Mansfield shares 7 principles from the biblical story of Job that illustrate what it means to be a man of integrity. A man isn’t healthy if he is sound in one part of his body or life and unsound in another part. He’s only healthy, true, and noble if he is all these things […]

Surprised by God’s Will – FaithGateway

John Paine shares about asking God for direction with his career & finding to his surprise that God was more interested in his heart than his vocation. I didn’t want to make a mistake and miss God’s plan, but it didn’t seem God was so concerned about that. He was more concerned about who I […]

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