How to Seek the Lord

A desire to spend time with God isn’t always natural; it can be more like an acquired taste, which is learned. Source: How to Seek the Lord


Jesus: The Seeking Savior – Part 1

When Jesus died at the cross, He wasn’t just paying for the sins of the men who had killed Him or those who stood by and watched. He paid for the sins of all mankind. In this message, Dr. Stanley emphasizes how Jesus seeks out the hearts of every lost man and woman. Source: Jesus: […]

Jesus – Our Substitute

In this message, Dr. Stanley examines the full meaning of Christ’s sacrifice and all that it makes possible for those who believe. As we understand more about His substitutionary death on our behalf, our hearts will be filled with gratitude and the recognition of His abundant blessings. Source: Jesus – Our Substitute

God’s Plan For the Resurrection – Part 1

Death—it wasn’t the end of Jesus’ story. And it isn’t the end of our stories either. Learn what God’s Word reveals about the resurrection of the saints. Make peace with death, taking comfort in the knowledge that God’s plan for you extends far beyond your final breath. For believers, the grave is only another beginning. […]

The Place Of Fasting In Prayer

Jesus, David, and Moses did it. So did Daniel, Nehemiah and Esther. What was so important that all these heroes of the faith took time to do it? In this message, Dr. Stanley talks about their approach to finding God’s will as he unveils the richness of the biblical phenomenon of fasting and prayer. In […]

A Pattern For Prayer – Part 2

When you pray, what is your primary objective? Is it to get something from God or is it to spend time with Him? If you utilize prayer simply as a way to give God a checklist and you never spend the time fellowshipping with Him, then you’ve missed out on the point of prayer. In […]

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