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  • John 3:16 – The Love of God Through Jesus – FaithGateway

    John 3:16 – The Love of God Through Jesus – FaithGateway. A very good breakdown of one of my favorite Bible verses.

  • When You Believe in God But Won’t Forgive – FaithGateway

    When You Believe in God But Won’t Forgive – FaithGateway. One of the hardest things we can do is forgive others who wrong us or those we love, but as Christians, we really need to do so. It’s not good for us to let what they did live and fester in us.  We need to […]

  • Loving Jesus – FaithGateway

    Loving Jesus – FaithGateway. Another good devotional. Bill Bright co-authored a couple books (Blessed Child and A Man Called Blessed with one of my favorite authors, Ted Dekker.  Here is a link to more information about Bill Bright.

  • Jesus Swagger: Walk the Walk

    FaithGateway You are new, forgiven, and free. Let God’s love set your soul on fire. – Jarrid Wilson Jesus Swagger: Walk the Walk by Jarrid Wilson, Jesus Swagger At the end of your life, how will people know that you lived for Jesus? What about your everyday attitude will leave them wondering about the greatness […]

  • Blessings of the Cross

    God does not change — and neither does His love. He loved you before you were born… He loves you now… and He will love you forever. – Billy Graham Easter will soon be here! At FaithGateway we’re beginning this joyous season with a new series of devotionals for the next 40 days. Starting today, […]

  • Pray Hard

    FaithGateway. I believe that God strengthens and tests our faith by often waiting until the last possible moment.  When we ask God for something we must firmly believe and trust that if it is His will and is best for us, He will provide it. It would “seem” nice to win the lottery.  We could […]

  • The Sacred Ache: No Tear Forgotten – FaithGateway

    The Sacred Ache: No Tear Forgotten – FaithGateway. A good devotion showing that our tears and trouble do not go unnoticed by God. Though we may feel alone and the God is ignoring us, He is with us and knows us.  He knows the number of hairs on our head.  He will “give us beauty […]

  • Interesting devotion about waiting

    To thosr who wait A good devotion from Faith Gateway.