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  • Jesus Is: The Lamb – Christian Crusaders

    What do you do with your guilt and your regrets? John the Baptist points us to Jesus in response to that question, and he says “Look! The Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world!” We’ve been doing a series, “Jesus Is”. This is the second message in the series and here […]

  • Jesus Is: God’s Son, the Servant King – Christian Crusaders

    How would you finish the statement: “Jesus is…”? For the next few weeks we’re going to let scripture fill in that blank for us with a variety of truths about Jesus regarding His character, His purpose, and His vision for our lives. Today we begin at the baptism of Jesus. Source: Jesus Is: God’s Son, […]

  • Have a Happy New Year With Jesus – Christian Crusaders

    You know, each new year I can’t help but stop and wonder about what the next year will bring to me and to this world. Maybe you do that as well. For some, in looking ahead, that can be troubling. There can be some anxious and pessimistic concerns. For some people, they can’t help but […]

  • The King’s Return – Christian Crusaders

    I want to remind you today that the same Jesus whose birth we celebrate was born to be our Savior, has promised to return for us someday. Someday the King Jesus Christ will return to establish His kingdom forever. The first time, Jesus was born in humility and vulnerability; a little infant, powerless, lying in […]

  • December 2019 – Christian Crusaders

    [Note: The link directly to the sermon, “He Will Rescue You” was not available, so I linked to the December 2019 archive page which does have the full text.] Source: December 2019 – Christian Crusaders

  • A Blessed Promise to Hang Onto – Christian Crusaders

    We all experience second thoughts from time to time. It’s not unusual to occasionally doubt our beliefs and decisions. But have you ever had second thoughts about Jesus? Let’s learn from a man in our message what we should do when doubting and fear happens. Source: A Blessed Promise to Hang Onto – Christian Crusaders

  • He Will Change Your Life! – Christian Crusaders

    Max Lucado once said, “God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way.” While we can’t change human nature, God can change us through His Son, Jesus Christ; Let’s learn how He does it. Source: He Will Change Your Life! – Christian Crusaders

  • A Promising Future – Christian Crusaders

    Did you know that what we believe about our future controls how we experience our present? We are irreducibly hope-based creatures. What is your outlook on the future these days? Is it hopeful? Is it based on a solid foundation? Today’s Bible text is about having a hopeful future. Source: A Promising Future – Christian […]

  • Every Saint Has a Story – Christian Crusaders

    What is your God story? Dare you believe that if you share it with others, God can help them fall in with Christ too? Source: Every Saint Has a Story – Christian Crusaders

  • What Do YOU See? – Christian Crusaders

    “See is believing” is an adage many of us have heard before. However, “believing is seeing” more aptly describes the man in our story today. It is about a blind man who has better vision than those around him with 20/20 eyesight. Source: What Do YOU See? – Christian Crusaders