Encounters: Our Promise – Christian Crusaders

As Jesus was led out of Jerusalem to be nailed to a cross, He was placed between criminals. These two men had very different responses to Him. One threw insults against Jesus, the other one made a humble plea of a beggar to his King. We will all die one day, and each of us […]


Encounters: Jesus Loves Short People – Christian Crusaders

Have you ever been written off as a hopeless cause by people around you or even by yourself? Have you ever written someone else off as a lost cause? If so, I’m glad you’re listening in because our story for today has something for you and me to take to heart. Source: Encounters: Jesus Loves […]

If I Were a Rich Man – Christian Crusaders

Many of us think that if we had more money, it would be the answer to all our problems. Would it? Would we be happier? Would we be blessed? Or would we look in the mirror and still see great problems that cause stress? Source: If I Were a Rich Man – Christian Crusaders

Encounters: Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There! – Christian Crusaders

You’ve probably heard the statement, “Don’t just sit there. Do something!” Well Jesus turns that statement around. We need to not just be always doing, doing, doing but to sit there and enjoy His company with us. Jesus wants to write these words upon our hearts today, “Remember, every minute together with me is precious.” […]

Encounters: A Lesson on Love – Christian Crusaders

Jesus calls us to love others extravagantly, even our enemies. This sounds like a tall order, for we possess built-in prejudices, selfishness, and inattentiveness. So how we can do this? Let’s learn how in today’s message. Source: Encounters: A Lesson on Love – Christian Crusaders

Encounters: Follow Him – Christian Crusaders

Jesus tells us to follow Him. But following Him is not always safe, certain, comfortable, convenient, or popular these days. It is a full-time, lifelong commitment. Being a disciple of Christ may cost us everything, yet the rewards are so much greater. Source: Encounters: Follow Him – Christian Crusaders

Jesus Revealed: He’s the One You Need to Listen To! – Christian Crusaders

“I really thought I knew that person!” These words might be spoken after someone has let us down, or perhaps revealed themselves in a wonderful, unexpected way. They could even have been rolling around in the minds of Peter, James and, John when Jesus became transfigured before them. Let’s talk more about this event and […]

Jesus, Friend of Sinners – Christian Crusaders

Friendship is an essential blessing of life. Jesus teaches us, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” He came to love and save immoral, broken, flawed people like you and me. Is Jesus your friend? Source: Jesus, Friend of Sinners – Christian Crusaders

Jesus Revealed: The Authority – Christian Crusaders

As human beings, we respond to authority in a variety of ways. Sometimes we respect it, obey it and trust it. However, we also balk at it, challenge it, maybe even rebel against it. Authority is a major issue of life. And so we ask, Have you ever considered Jesus your authority? Source: Jesus Revealed: […]

Jesus Revealed: He’s After People – Christian Crusaders

How did you come to know Jesus? Let’s study the story of a man who left behind everything – his livelihood, his business, and his family – to follow Jesus, and learn what then happened in his life. Source: Jesus Revealed: He’s After People – Christian Crusaders

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