Time of Grace – Gay Marriage Is Here, Does #LoveWin?

The discussion of gay marriage and love wins is important, and it’s not a matter of individuals putting their biases and prejudices on other people. The real issue is for us to dial into our God. This is a spiritual issue, and you don’t truly love people who are committing spiritual suicide by letting them [...]

Our Daily Bread

When Jesus lived on this earth, He invited people to come to Him, and He still does today (John 6:35). But what do He and His Father in heaven have that we need?Salvation. Jesus is the only way to have forgiveness of sin and the promise of heaven. “Whoever believes in Him should not perish [...]

Intersection of Church & State

Source: Men's NetWork from Lutheran Hour Ministries Interesting series of videos.  This was mentioned at the end of this week's Lutheran Hour program. https://youtu.be/P-xMAK5IKrM https://youtu.be/2NZ_KeuG_Zs https://youtu.be/JXqaHTO6BE4 https://youtu.be/nuZQmSf7Cmc

Lutheran Hour Ministries :: The Lutheran Hour

"God's Recipe for a Successful Life" #82-44 Presented on The Lutheran Hour on July 5, 2015 By Rev. Gregory Seltz, Lutheran Hour Speaker (Q&A Topic:Were Our Nation's Founders Christians?) Copyright 2015 Lutheran Hour Ministries LHM is a Christian outreach ministry that provides The Lutheran Hour radio program, daily devotions, help topics and booklets, evangelism training, outreach [...]

The Cyrus Cylinder | Our Daily Bread

In 1879, archaeologists discovered a remarkable little item in an area now known as Iraq (biblical Babylon). Just 9 inches long, the Cyrus Cylinder records something that King Cyrus of Persia did 2,500 years ago. It says that Cyrus allowed a group of people to return to their homeland and rebuild their “holy cities.”It’s the [...]

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