Youversion VotD – April 20, 2019 – Romans 10:13 NIV

Romans 10:13 NIV


The Impact Of The Resurrection

In this message, Dr. Stanley explains the impact Christ’s resurrection can have on your thinking, conversation, and conduct. His power over the grave can transform every aspect of your life. Learn more about the blessings that accompany our salvation. Source: The Impact Of The Resurrection

God’s Plan For the Resurrection – Part 2

Death—it wasn’t the end of Jesus’ story. And it isn’t the end of our stories either. Learn what God’s Word reveals about the resurrection of the saints. Make peace with death, taking comfort in the knowledge that God’s plan for you extends far beyond your final breath. For believers, the grave is only another beginning. […]

What Happened During Holy Week? Compilation – YouTube

If you missed any of the Grace Talks devotions from this week, or just want to review, you can catch up with these video and audio compilations. https://youtu.be/129qTAdB1lk

In Between Despair and Joy – FaithGateway

Author John Ortberg explores what Saturday, the day between Jesus’ death and resurrection, between despair and joy might have been like for Jesus’ disciples You can wait. Work with God even when He feels far away. Rest. Ask. Whine. Complain. Trust. — John Ortberg Source: In Between Despair and Joy – FaithGateway

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