Youversion VotD – April 14, 2019 – Luke 19:38 NIV

Luke 19:38 NIV


Palm Sunday: Who Is This? – FaithGateway

Dr. O.S. Hawkins shares about Palm Sunday. Those faithful followers lining the street on that original Palm Sunday did not only praise Jesus, they began to extend Him to others. — O.S. Hawkins Source: Palm Sunday: Who Is This? – FaithGateway

Encounters: Our Promise – Christian Crusaders

As Jesus was led out of Jerusalem to be nailed to a cross, He was placed between criminals. These two men had very different responses to Him. One threw insults against Jesus, the other one made a humble plea of a beggar to his King. We will all die one day, and each of us […]

Time of Grace – God’s Gift: Jesus Had to Die

April 14, 2019Pastor Mark JeskeThe Bible tells us the truth about ourselves—we aren’t good enough to approach God on our own. And it tells us the truth about God—he demands punishment for sin but loves us so much that he punished his Son in our place. Jesus had to die for our salvation. His blood […]

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