Blog posts may be delayed tomorrow

I just wanted to let my readers and followers know that devotions may be delayed tomorrow morning. I am assisting with another bank move for work and can’t start until 11:30 pm CDT tonight. Thank you for understanding and have a blessed evening.


Turn the Other Cheek – Angus Buchan – FaithGateway

We don’t have to carry offenses around, heavy on our backs. Like Jesus, we can choose to look anger and hurt in the face and behave lovingly and righteously. What a challenge! Are you up for it? Jesus had every reason to be offended by the behavior of His closest friends. Yet He lovingly served […]

Defeating Giants – Part 4 – Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

When we make mistakes, the enemy wants us to feel miserable…but God wants us to bounce back. Learn how to stand up to the enemy and enjoy your life! Source: Defeating Giants – Part 4 – Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

God’s Promise to Provide

God is faithful to meet our needs, though He may do it differently than we expect. Source: God’s Promise to Provide http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/gR/Em–WkVS3wWXsZ5Uzt8ydlY6ZgK5BF2isKoQBPlLc/itm_devo_2018_07_20.mp3

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