Youversion Verse of the Day – June 15, 2018


Stories Inspire Divine Conversations – Andy Andrews – FaithGateway

Stories matter. Think about how Jesus taught: He told stories (parables) and amazed people everywhere He went. He told stories that were re-told over and over again because they were profound, understandable, and relatable. Read from Andy Andrews about how he uses stories to reach people and have a divine conversation. I’ll tell you what […]

Unshakeable Trust – Part 4 – Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

Can our words make us suffer? Discover the truth as Joyce explains the importance of our words and the various ways they impact in our lives. Source: Unshakeable Trust – Part 4 – Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

Peace With One Another

Because of Jesus Christ, peace is available to believers experiencing conflict. Source: Peace With One Another http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/AE/2Bc1ZwL_OTxwIR8LxctIbooYp14S4jfXPiAjqoC8I/itm_devo_2018_06_15.mp3

Messages Parents Send – Part 2

We communicate all the time, both verbally and non-verbally, through our words, facial expressions, dress, posture and many other ways. What are you communicating to your children? Learn the principles that will enable your children to live godly lives and fulfill God’s purposes for them. Source: Messages Parents Send – Part 2 http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/wc/IIfH7iWszDpVjGADtK0fdcaSu5xcI0PuPXWFPl33o/itm_pgm_2018_06_15.mp3

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