Every Man Questions “Do I Have The Strength It Takes?” – FaithGateway

Boys dream of being the hero, beating the bad guys, doing daring feats, and rescuing the damsel in distress. Men question “Do I have the strength it takes?” “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, because what the world needs are men who have come alive.” — John […]


Living As a Called Person – FaithGateway

Have you felt called by God to do something utterly different that you felt qualified to do? He has a better plan that we could possibly imagine. “I followed the Lord my God wholeheartedly. . .”  — Joshua 14:8 NIV Source: Living As a Called Person – FaithGateway https://soundcloud.com/harperaudio_us/devotional-ordering-your-private-world-by-gordon-macdonald

Dealing With Disappointment

God’s ways can heal and guide us when we’ve been let down. Source: Dealing With Disappointment http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/Gg/dW_xJIXzjSRk9Ojkzep2BDsF1Rj-xmwN81vQDrdR4/itm_devo_2018_06_09.mp3

Our Testimony – Part 2

Your testimony is more important than you may think. No matter where you reside, which church you attend, or how you make a living-you have the power of influence in someone’s life. Learn how you can use your influence for the kingdom of God. Source: Our Testimony – Part 2 http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/1f/pSzdbuh65PIykZQ5KgNzGryPZFCuvI3QH7X0EBxPE/itm_pgm_2018_06_09.mp3

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