K-LOVE Verse of the Day – June 7, 2018


Living with Power and Weakness – FaithGateway

Power doesn’t have to be murderous to be abusive. It is dangerous almost the moment it becomes self-serving. The scriptures, on the other hand, invite us to a self-emptying approach to power. What power we have, if we are to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, is meant to be put to use for the […]

Running With Endurance

Believers will one day join Jesus in heaven, and focusing on Him now gives us hope for our journey on earth. Source: Running With Endurance http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/a1/ozh2wf0yS6SLvHKoo9xiRn8kuu0X2MXFwEc1KgIUw/itm_devo_2018_06_07.mp3

Shipwrecked Saints – Part 2

What causes a believer with a vibrant, radiant relationship with Christ to Source: Shipwrecked Saints – Part 2 http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/Lw/b6d3_UoneZ9mhp1DnOLdMv9Srie8ya2PIyjIVldwg/itm_pgm_2018_06_07.mp3

Don’t Be Led by Your Head – Part 2 – Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

How we behave in our private lives says a lot about who we are spiritually. Discover what you really know about God’s Word…and what you only think you know. Source: Don’t Be Led by Your Head – Part 2 – Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

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