Laced with Grace – FaithGateway

We can choose to speak honestly with words that are direct, but that are also strategically tucked inside an envelope of grace. “One thing is certain when it comes to our words: they are powerful and they have consequences.”  — Karen Ehman Source: Laced with Grace – FaithGateway


The Courage of Faith by Michael Anthony – FaithGateway

Courage is something that is developed; it isn’t innate. The more time we spend with Jesus, the less afraid and small we will feel, the more we will walk according to His Word. It’s that simple. Read more in this original post by Michael Anthony, author of A Call for Courage. Nothing overcame Jesus. When […]

Living in God’s Favor

God’s favor is more than His blessing; it’s His presence in our life. Source: Living in God’s Favor http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/aU/_ywr-YbKby8bU5UwrBd3hL2-PROlb-NJnLH2WWHS4/itm_devo_2018_04_14.mp3

Noah – Blameless Servant Of God

How do you obey when you don’t have the full picture? Learn from Noah. In this message, Dr. Stanley teaches us that, like Noah, we all have divine assignments. No matter what God calls us to do, our responsibility is to obey His instructions and trust Him to guide us. Discover the freedom in relying […]

Our Thoughts – Part 2

Where are the greatest spiritual battles fought? It’s not in the public arena, but rather in the privacy of our minds. Allowing Christ to daily control our thoughts leads to godly lives and helps us change the world for Him. Source: Our Thoughts – Part 2 http://s2.content.video.llnw.net/smedia/781563d6695d48a496254cad9c2ea179/d7/fDgnMfmSUkUSAMZOCLW0v-kV76Wpj-pugiQO7kXhQ/itm_pgm_2018_04_14.mp3

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