Hide and Seek

“You can’t see me!” When small children play “hide and seek,” they sometimes believe they’re hiding just by covering their eyes. If they can’t see you, they assume you can’t see them. Naïve as that may seem to adults, we sometimes do something similar with God. When we find ourselves desiring to do something we […]


The Methodology of Gratitude – FaithGateway

Read an excerpt from Robert Morgan’s book Worry Less, Live More in which he describes how to reduce worry by being thankful to God and showing gratitude. The ability to say, “Thank You, Lord,” is among the most wonderful things about being a follower of Jesus Christ. — Robert Morgan Source: The Methodology of Gratitude – […]

“Do You Want to Be Whole?” – FaithGateway

Sometimes we get trapped believing the question is “Do you know how to become whole?” but thankfully, Jesus’ question is simply, “Do you want to be whole?” “In Jesus, you can have peace, and you can overcome being a victim of your current circumstances.” – Jim Burgen, No More Dragons – our $5 Deal of the […]

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