Jesus Is…Your Friend – FaithGateway

Judah Smith reminds us that Jesus Is our friend and greatest advocate. “We are often harsher judges than God himself.” – Judah Smith Source: Jesus Is…Your Friend – FaithGateway


Prayer: Love the One Who is With You – FaithGateway

Jesus’ closest friends knew something amazing about Him: They were loved by Him and that’s what moved Him! In prayer, talk to Jesus as one whom He loves! I’ve never met a person who exaggerated God’s love. Never. It’s impossible. — Judah Smith Source: Prayer: Love the One Who is With You – FaithGateway (Note: […]

From Grief to Joy | Our Daily Bread

Kelly’s pregnancy brought complications, and doctors were concerned. During her long labor, they decided to whisk her away for a Cesarean section. But despite the ordeal, Kelly quickly forgot her pain when she held her newborn son. Joy had replaced anguish.Scripture affirms this truth: “A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her […]

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