Devotion – March 7, 2015 | Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Devotion – March 7, 2015 | Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

With modern technology we can use our spare time ti read God’s Word.

Install an app on your smartphone and then you’ll always have access to His wonderful gift to us.

Time of Grace – Blog – Post

I feel so depressed

via Time of Grace – Blog – Post.

Depression is a terrible illness.

It can be caused by so many things: illness, life change, arguments.

The Devil can use depression to keep us down, but we should never stay down.

We have hope.  Life will get better.  And for Christians, the best thing is knowing that we WILL be with our LORD and Savior in the end.

Communion: Awareness of Holiness – FaithGateway

Communion: Awareness of Holiness – FaithGateway.

Interesting thought.

I know that I say grace before every meal:

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest and let this food to us be blessed.

I never thought of remembering Holy Communion when we eat our ordinary meals.