The Father’s Loving Touch – The Upper Room

The Father’s Loving Touch – The Upper Room.

A good devotional.  Reminds me of how my parent’s cared for all of us kids, especially the many foster children that had/have special needs.


Pray Hard


I believe that God strengthens and tests our faith by often waiting until the last possible moment.  When we ask God for something we must firmly believe and trust that if it is His will and is best for us, He will provide it.

It would “seem” nice to win the lottery.  We could pay off our debts, move to a nicer area, provide for our family better.  BUT, wouldn’t it also have negative impacts on us?  Our attitude towards other people may change, people we haven’t heard from in years would come to us for a handout, etc.

When it seems like God doesn’t answer our prayers in the way we’d like, let’s consider that maybe God is saying “Not yet, I have something better planned for you.”